• Breeder: Capulator
  • Lineage: Alien Cookies x ( Colombian x Starfighter)
  • Grown by: ?
  • THC: ?  CBD: ?

This cannabis flower was purchased in a pre-roll from Next Level Wellness dispensary in Eugene, OR in mid-July 2020.

What we know:  MAC aka Miracle Alien Cookies is a pretty new yet quite beloved strain, known for being uplifting and euphoric. I really can’t find anything about this particular number 2 variant and how it differs from the original MAC strain.

First Dose: Small dose (.04g smoked in a glass pipe – about one solid hit, held in for 5 seconds)
Unfortunately, I lost my notes for this experience. However, I would say that in comparison to other MAC strains I have tried (MAC and MAC#3), this #2 cut was more of a cerebral and internally-stimulating experience. The body buzz was more than experienced with the original MAC strain, more on par with MAC #3.

Final thoughts: Meh, I didn’t love this one and wouldn’t really recommend it. It lacked the fun of other MAC strains and the cerebral stimulation was somewhat anxiety-provoking. While MAC and MAC#3 are beginner friendly, this one is definitely not.

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